10 Benefits of Martial Arts Training

For Adults at Azad’s Martial Arts

Studying Jongshindo will assist men and women to experience a wealth of benefits that will simply transform their lifestyle physically, mentally, and emotionally in both internal and external environments. There are tremendous advantages to exploring Jongshindo Hapkido training as adults of all ages and abilities. Here are ten benefits of studying this art for all adults.

1. Energize Your Self-Confidence

As a Jongshindo student you will develop great physical and mental skills in managing your life’s challenges. Each day that you train will stack up a new layer of self-confidence and strength in your mind, body, and spirit. Each class helps you to overcome new challenging obstacles put before you by your instructors. Those breakthroughs will program your mind to overcome all obstacles in your day-to-day life. As you practice unconditional respect and new goals at Azad’s Martial Arts Center your mind begins to believe in your true level of strength which in return empowers you to develop higher degree of confidence. We help you with your abilities to set goals and reach them confidently and regularly. Your new sense of personal achievement will be the massive columns of self-esteem and confidence in your life.

2. Develop Powerful Self-defense Skills

In Jongshindo you will learn a series of age-appropriate tactics and strategies which include the kicks of Taekwondo, Hands of Karate, Groundwork of BJJ and Gracie Jujitsu, throwing techniques of Judo, the fluid movements of Kung Fu, the fighting strategies of Muay Thai, the courage of a seasoned fighter, the shape of an athlete you can be proud of, and the incredibly powerful self-defense techniques of Hapkido.
The techniques you learn are broken down into different ranks so you can develop the appropriate physical capabilities for each self-defense maneuver to keep you safe during training and effective during an altercation
The material you learn have been taught by Grandmaster Azad to members of law enforcement such as the U.S. Federal Marshalls, United States Secret Service, FBI agents, DEA agents, members of Executive Protection Teams, and members of various units of special forces, as well as tens of thousands of civilians all around the world. The techniques you learn are proven to work in every stance with ZERO failure. To make you effective in a physical altercation we will build your internal tactical environment in such a way that you can deliver the moves as designed in every situation.

3. Effectively Lower and Manage Your Stress

Thousands of students have reported to us how Jongshindo training has reduced their level of stress in their day-to-day life. Grandmaster Azad has trained thousands of adults even as non-martial arts students to understand their internal environment better and develop the skills to minimize their stresses. “Your personal growth is hinged on your ability to clear your mind and eliminate your stresses one by one.” Grandmaster
In every class you will be given tangible tools that you can use in your daily life to identify and lower your stress points mentally, spiritually, and physically. Your instructors at Azad’s Martial Arts Center will help guide you to a more peaceful place internally. You will learn how to manage your internal environment and increase your emotional intelligence as well as mental strength to significantly lower your stresses. Jongshindo is an expert art in uniting your body, mind, and spirit for a healthy life.

4. Get a Full Body Workout

Practicing Jongshindo gives you complete, total body aerobic training while having a ton of fun in a safe and non-aggressive environment. In each class you are guided through a series of scientific body movements to help you get stronger, more flexible, and increase your stamina, muscle endurance, balance, and capabilities. Your health is very important to us at Azad’s Martial Arts Center.
Jongshindo classes are fun, exciting, and mindful of your abilities as a student. You will be taught a series of age-appropriate techniques, strategies, and challenges to master. As you increase your abilities you will be promoted to the next level so you can learn more advance techniques and more sophisticated skills to make you an incredible martial artist. Your physical skills are measured so you can visibly see your actual physiological progress in each rank.

5. Improve Your Cardiac Health

When you participate in martial arts classes, you undergo intense yet mindful cardiovascular workouts. Jongshindo training increases your heartbeat, leading to improvements in your cardiovascular health and getting rid of toxins in your cells. Plus, high-intensity training sessions give practitioners an improved level of fitness, which gets you to your ideal weight, tones your muscles and lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

6. Develop Great Positive Habits to Lose Weight

Jongshindo sessions involve physical movements that burn calories and trim your body to your desired looks. One hour of moderate martial arts training can burn up to 900 calories depending on your physical abilities. Plus, Jongshindo students discover they tend to naturally crave healthier type of food and overall, less food. You will learn about the power foods and poison foods in your Jongshindo training. When eating becomes more regulated over time through our training, you see a reduction in body weight. We measure your weight, BMI, stamina, physical abilities, and overall muscle ratio so you can reach your personal goals in a timely manner for real.

7. Develop Faster & Sharper Reflexes

Jongshindo students (kids or adults) are trained in a very specific scientific manner to develop speed, power, balance, action-reaction skills and much more. Azad’s students regularly report that their reflexes are substantially improved. Reflexes not only become quicker as you participate in martial arts activities, but Jongshindo also helps both men and women develop quicker reaction times not only for self-defense but in a range of daily, routine life activities, like driving.

8. Develop a Consistent Positive Mental Attitude

While exercise is known to be a natural mood enhancer, practicing Jongshindo in a fun and healthy environment with other positive minded adults will program your mind to elevate to higher vibration and regular positive mood. As you take part in classes at Azad’s Martial Arts Center your body releases endorphine which will boost your mood for up to four hours after training. The mood enhancing benefits of engaging in Jongshindo are equal to a change in your entire mindset all throughout the day. Keep the lessons and training for 30-90 days and you will automatically boost your lifestyle to a happier and stronger mindset which will change your entire outlook in life for better.

9. Build Functional Strength for Self-Defense Purposes

In every Jongshindo class your instructor will guide you through a series of calculated movements that will program your muscles to develop into a more advance form. You develop impressive muscle tone through gentle to intense levels of exercise.
Jongshindo training accentuates the muscles through performing simple to complex body movements that include upper and lower body movements such as hand techniques, kicks, throws, join locks, take downs and overall new muscular capabilities regardless of what age or shape you may be in currently. Your new level of strength will allow you to learn, demonstrate and develop new martial arts skills in every level of training.

10. Dramatically Improve Your Focus & Concentration

Jongshindo training will dramatically improve your concentration skills and abilities. Azad’s Martial Arts students regularly report higher capabilities in their focus and concentration level both in the martial arts or in their day-to-day life (i.e., work).
The first step to building higher level of concentration happens just by you practicing the Jongshindo movements. Some movements are premeditated and requires you repeat them over and over while memorizing them. Others are very fluid and free form which requires you to be in the moment. As you go from the first class to the next and so on you will see a dramatic improvement in your concentration.
In addition to the above, Jongshindo students learn a series of very calculated traditional and modern meditation techniques that are proved to improve your memory, and concentration level for life or in case of a need for self-defense.

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