Very Involved Parents (V.I.P) Sessions

V.I.P. session is a required meeting for all parents at Azad’s Martial Arts Center. In this meeting we will share with you the philosophy of martial arts school, our approach, strategy, protocols, various methodologies and most importantly how you and our instructor team will team up to create the best experience and personal growth opportunities for your child the way you wish for them to grow. Being a parent is not an easy job and we will share with you our ways of teaming up with you to help your child at home, in school, at the dojang and in life! We like to think that we are your extended family and help you and your child. Grandmaster and his team have helped thousands of parents over the past 32 years in Chico. Many of our little guys have grown to be adults with their own beautiful families. We are honored to be a in a position to help you and your family in any way we can. Please make sure to email Mr. Merrill (Protocol Director) right now and schedule an appointment for the next V.I.P session at Azad’s Martial Arts Center. Let’s Team Up!
Mr. Merrill, Protocol Director at Azad’s Martial Arts Center will be leading the session.

Please email Mr. Merrill at for a private session if the above day and time of the VIP Session doesn’t work for your schedule.

Mr. Merrill will be happy to set up a VIP session time that works best for you and your family.


Your child is a member of one the most respected and recognized Martial Art Schools in the World. Since 1985, we have believed that all kids have the potential to become Champions in Life and the future leaders of tomorrow.
We can simply guarantee higher levels of success and achievement for your child, provided we always team up and never give up!
Azad’s Martial Arts Center has been teaching children and adults since 1985 here in the Chico area. Over 36 years of experience of teaching kids and building Black Belt Champions just in Chico, has taught us that if we, as Martial Arts teachers, and you as parents, agree to always team up and never give up, we can overcome any challenge we may encounter.
This is why we consider you as VIP’s or Very Involved Parents.

There are 3 levels of being a VIP:

Level One

What makes you a Level One Parent?

As a Level One parent, you are an active observer from the sidelines during your child’s classes. You are willing to follow the traditions, protocols, and customs of the school. Helping your child to remember to respond with “Hello Ma’am” or “Hello Sir” and bowing upon entering and leaving the training floor (Or the dojang or martial arts school), as well as helping your child remember their program mottos such as the tenets, and Student Creeds. We advise that you ask your child a lot of positive questions during the car ride to and from Azad’s Martial Arts Center about what they are enjoying the most and what they are learning in class. We ask you to practice their program mottos such as the student creed with them and ask what they mean to them. May be even have a special Jongshindo bulletin board for them in their room to post some of the important elements of our martial arts programs for them. Showing your interest in their progress will create a stronger sense of commitment in your child’s mind.

Level Two

What makes you a Level Two Parent?

In addition to the items in level one, a level two parent is willing to take on a more active role of being a practice partner at home. Acquiring hand targets, body shields, focus paddles etc, can be critical in creating the motivation for your child to practice at home. In addition, you are willing to volunteer to hold pads for any classes that we may ask for volunteers. You will have a great time bonding with your child, and they will love to show you their speed and power as they perform their new skills on the targets. At home you may even find it beneficial to stretch with them, practice pushups, sit ups and maybe start a walking regimen. Active kids are less likely to have emotional outbursts and more likely to have a higher self-esteem and performance in all areas of life.

Level Three

What makes you a Level Three Parent?

These are parents that want to become actively involved in Martial Arts training and put on their uniform to begin training in the program as well. Parents that also become students are finding they develop even closer bonds with their children and enjoy the benefits of training. We have a lot of multi-family students amongst our school and have found many moms and dads reclaim their youthful energy and flexibility. Not to mention the benefits of stress relief and that exciting feeling of accomplishment when they start to show progress; weight loss, lower cholesterol, cardiovascular conditioning, and the ability to defend yourself and your family. At any level, it’s important to your child’s progress and growth to become an active V.I.P (Very Involved Parent), especially in the early stages of their journey to Black Belt Excellence.
We appreciate your support and encouragement and always invite your feedback and suggestions. We are honored to have earned the trust you have given us by allowing us to work with your most precious asset, your child. Thank you for going the extra mile for your child. You will see and enjoy noticeable improvements in their attitude, behavior, and character, now and in the future. Great kids are a pleasure to be around, and we hope to always team up and never give up on bringing out the greatness in your child!

"Families that Kick Together, Stick Together!"



Some helpful hints on how you can coach your child to Black Belt Success.




Parents Coaching Skill #1

“Praise -Correct -Praise”
You get more from sugar than you do from vinegar
When working with a student it is important that we help them accomplish their goals and build their confidence simultaneously. When a student first begins their journey to black belt it can be a very scary and cumbersome time. Keeping in mind (with adult students in particular) that new students do not want to get hurt or look stupid in front of their peers, it is important that we, as instructors, acknowledge and emphasize effort over perfect technique. Therefore, the concept of “Praise – Correct – Praise” is so effective.
As a young instructor many years ago, I made some stupid mistakes. One such mistake was that I expected all my students (especially the one’s closest to me) to know that I care about them and love them. Thus, I figured that the only time I needed to talk with them was to correct, correct and correct them some more when they messed up on their skills and techniques.
Until one day when I was training as a student with my teacher, I realized how I was subconsciously copying his “old-school” teaching style with my own students. The closer you were to him the more you would get punished. He constantly scolded and punished us publicly for not being perfect regardless of students’ age or abilities. Until one day one of my classmates came to me and said, “Do we ever do anything right?”
That question hit me like a ton of bricks. The student was upset at my teacher, but I realized then that I was also wrong in my approach. I was in the “Correct – Correct – Correct” mode that I had learned from my martial arts instructors. I discovered you get more from sugar than you do from vinegar. Then, I discovered the concept of “Praise – Correct – Praise.”
As an example, when you are training a student on the mat and request that they step back with the right leg and get their hands up to protect their face, you notice that they step back with their left leg incorrectly.


“Great job in stepping back.” (You are happy that they did what they thought you requested)


“Now switch your feet.” (No big deal, just gently request them to adjust.)


“Perfect, that is exactly what I was looking for.” (Make them feel good with their adjustment and progression.)

At Azad’s Martial Arts Center we keep our instructors and staff highly informed and skilled in not only martial arts but in teaching, and behavioral skills. We take pride in being the most advanced martial arts school in teaching and empowering thousands of students facing a variety of personal challenges mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Grandmaster teaches us that we are only limited by our own vision, limited thoughts, or fears, and that once we trust our true self then we can fly toward all that we can dream of in our life!



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Our objective is to:


“Life Will Never Be the Same Again!”

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