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Our martial arts system is called Jongshindo, the way of uniting body, mind and spirit. This system is a branch of Shinmoo Hapkido, and it embodies the best of all styles. The founder of this martial arts system is Grandmaster Azad, 10th Degree Black Belt. Jongshindo is registered and certified by the highest governing body of Hapkido, the highest rank Korean martial arts Grandmaster, the Founder of the art of Hapkido, the Great Grandmaster Ji Han Jae also known as Dojunim. Dojunim also taught the late martial artist and movie star, Bruce Lee. Jongshindo is a hard/soft system of martial arts, meaning you can use attacker’s force against him, or meet the force with higher level of impact. Jongshindo teaches stand up, ground work, throws and take downs, joint locks, pressure points, healing arts, traditional to modified weapons of martial arts and so much more. At Azad’s you will train and receive internationally certified ranks.
Our programs are specially designed by Grandmaster Azad to be appropriate for developmental stage of growth in kids, and adults, to help students reach their personal goals. Azad’s Martial Arts programs have won many international awards for excellence and effectiveness. While children programs emphasis on life-skills, positive schoolwork, building strong character through strong work ethics and fun, teens and adult programs focus more on effective self-defense, powerful physical fitness as well as personal growth and stress relief.
At Azad’s different programs have different creeds and principles. Our goal is to instill strong positive mental attitude and positive living choices in all our students. Through training at Azad’s, you will learn how to apply class material into your day-to-day life.
At Azad’s we have a very flexible schedule of payment methods. You may pay by check, cash, credit card or through the easy pay electronic fund transfer via tuition billing company. While many choose to prepay their program tuition, some choose to make payments.
At Azad’s we recommend a minimum attendance of two classes per week. This will keep the beginner student away from injury, burn out, and fatigue. Once a student enters the intermediate level of training, referred to as Black Belt Club and Success Ninja club for little kids, you will have more options to train each week. Our success model is powerful with amazing track records of success for students of all ages since 1985 in Chico area.
Azad’s Martial Arts Center’s philosophy includes mindfulness, compassion, peaceful coexistence, civic engagement & service, responsible citizenship, personal growth, positive mental attitude, excellent physical fitness, powerful practical self-defense, positive character, balanced state of mind, and safety and fun in training.
We accept children ages three and up in our programs. There is no such a thing as too old for training at Azad’s Martial Arts. Our youngest was 2 years old and the oldest student was 110 years of age! The only thing that will stop you from training with us is your limited thinking, and old habits that’s all. Its never too late to start training with Grandmaster and his team. Our oldest black belt at Azad received his rank from Grandmaster at age 70.
No. We presume that all our beginner students are at minimum physical shape of their life. Our goal is to get you in an amazing physical shape without breaking your body or over stressing your joints. Classes are fun, safe, energetic, and motivating. Our curriculums are designed to get you scientifically and patiently to your personal goals. Your certified black belt instructors are very patient and enthusiastic. They will keep you true to your martial arts goals.
Grandmaster Azad is one of the very few 10th Dan Gold Belts in the world. He is referred to as “My Hope” and given the title of “Supreme Grandmaster” by Dojunim Ji Han Jae the founder of Hapkido. He holds a 10th Dan in Shinmoo Hapkido, Jongshindo, Tai Chi Chuan and master rank in several arts including South-East Asian systems. All instructors at Azad’s Martial Arts Center are certified black belts who love teaching and seeing their students succeed. Each instructor must successfully pass an intensive teaching certification course with Grandmaster’s high standards. This is followed by over 400 hours of internship and mentorship under the supervision of Grandmaster directly. All instructors at Azad’s must be proficient in their field of teaching before they are given the permission to hold a class on their own.
Your martial arts instructor is your guide in martial arts lifestyle. Your instructor will keep you true to your commitment so you can reach your goal without the attitude of a quitter. He/she will be your mentor and life coach. However, it is your job to practice, fully play in every class and take the uncomfortable actions to succeed in challenges put before you by Grandmaster. Your growth is entirely dependent on your commitment to grow and improve daily.
Absolutely! To make sure you are ready we always encourage you to consult your physician. However, our goal is to strengthen the injured or weak areas of your body and increase your flexibility, muscle endurance, positive mindset, and your stamina.
Yes! Your communication and strategic planning can easily get your child to appreciate the exhilaration of success and perseverance. Classes are safe and fun, and instructors are very motivating and energetic. We will also keep a close contact with all our students at all ranks. Kids quit in part because parents tolerate that option. When you change that model then your child will stop the quitting attitude. As instructors we never give up on any student. At Azad’s we team up, not give up!
At Azad’s, each student is handheld through classes on daily basis. Once student is ready to test, he/she will receive the next rank. We have different belt systems for different martial arts programs. However generally all our programs start up with the White belt and progresses through various color belts to the awesome rank of Black Belt. At that point children can progress to the next age-appropriate program until they earn their Adult black belt. There are 10 ranks (Dans) an adult can receive on their Black Belt with each being a new rank. The highest rank in martial arts is the 10th Dan or degree of black belt. Gold Belt is the highest level of martial arts ranks and it is only given by the founder of the art.
Our students do not need to enter any level of competition unless that is what they desire. Azad’s students have competed at local, national, and even Olympic levels. Students who are interested in sport aspects of martial arts and tournament competition may enter various events they choose according to their skills. For more information, please consult your instructor.
It is very simple. Just make an appointment with one of our instructors or to schedule an “Introductory Course” where you can see for yourself if martial arts training is the right thing for you or your child. This will also allow you to see how you like martial arts training before you commit to any level of training at Azad’s. Once you know for sure that you love martial arts training just like the rest of us, then it is easy to figure out which course of training is suitable for you and your family. We have trained over 15,000 students in Chico. Many of our parents used to be in our children’s program long time ago. Many of our adult black belt instructors used to be some of our parents who used to sit on the sideline watching their kids train. They saw how wonderful and empowering training at Azad’s Martial Arts Center can be. Then they started their own martial arts training and finally the goal of becoming an instructor. You can start up martial arts training today.

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